Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tag- My other half (from my beloved shinnaz)

Tag- My other half (from shinnaz)
Rules:Here’s a chance to see how well you really know your husband/boyfriend/lover.Cut, paste and fill in the answers, then shoot, you know what to do. The real challenge is to send it to your husband/boyfriend/lover to see how right you really are.

1. she’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?

-SPA Q or America's Next Top Model or AF7 or Raja Lawak 3

2.You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does she get on his salad?

-tak suke makan salad kot..haha..kalo ade pun mestilah ngn sos+mayo

3.What’s one food she doesn’t like?

-nasi goreng..(laki dia suka makan nasi goreng...dia boleh lak tak suka..huh!).

4.You go out to eat and have a drink. What does she order?

-honey dew + tomyam....

5.Where did she go to high school?

-Sek Men Keb Meru (giler x best.. hahahahha.. :D)

6.What size shoes does she wear?

-tak far 6 or 7

7.If she was to collect anything, what would it be?

-giler banyak... handbag + kasut/sandal/wedges.. aiyakkk... leh buat arkib dahh..

8.What is her favorite type of sandwich?

-sardine mix wif egg sandwich

9.What would this person eat every day if she could?
- laksa......suka betul dia dengan laksa....

10.What is her favorite cereal?
-Honey Star kot..

11.What would she never wear?
-jubah kot....

12.What is her favorite sports team?

-ada ker??? oh yaaa... ada... "PV n Pirates".... roll call... aiyakkkk..........

13.Who did she vote for?

-aril Af7 (giler nyampah.... )

14.Who is her best friend?

-jana,bibi,oya, moon,fynaz.... and mestilah hubby dier...tak gitu syg??? ;)

15.What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t do?

-membebel.... :P sowy la yer syg... hahahah :p

16.What is her heritage?

-pure jawa bini aku nih... hahaha

17.What is her favourite colour?

-blue and light color

18.What is her habit?

- senyum depan cermin...tapii...xper... makin sweet lak.. :)

19.What is she proud of?

-tue kena tanya die lol..

20.Lastly, do you think she will read
-defiitely yes!!!


shinnaz said...

sume tak betul!!!tipu..tipu!!!:p

ummiaqeef said...

p/s :

i) shinnaz, teringin nak tgk ko pakai jubah..
ii)ko suke tgk cermin ke..@ cermin suke tgk ko?
iii)oit..ko org jawa ek..wes mangan opo urong?

baBe_ieza said...

shinaz pakai jubah?oopps nak tergelak guling2 kalo die pakai..hahah

shinnaz said...

sume ni langsung tak kene ngn i..hehe..sampai seru i pakai yer..

p/s: korang semua jahat!!huhu:p