Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pencerobohan GAZA.

Bila aku baca paper hari2....aku terkenangkan rakyat palestin yang ada kat Gaza tue.. hari2 kena bedil dek Israel laknatullah tue.... rakyat palestin menyambut tahun baru 2009 dengan dihujani peluru dan bom oleh tentera2 Israel.

betapa jahatnya Israel menindas dan menambahkan lagi derita rakyat di Gaza.. perbuatan menceroboh Gaza oleh Israel patut dikutuk oleh masyarakat antarabangsa. Amerika yang menjadi polis dunia pun tak mampu mengekang Israel.

Lagipun, without the American's support, Israel now is even more powerful against any or even all Middle East muslim countries combined. Their nuclear arsenal is no match for Iran who is struggling to produce any nuclear threat to Israel. The balance of power is on Israel's side. But Israel fears Iran even if Iran can produce just one nuclear weapon, that means certain disaster. To wipe out Israel from the face of the earth, Iran or muslim terrorists must attack Israel with nuclear weapons, but Israel will certainly retaliate by unleashing its nuclear arsenal to Iran and all muslim countries of the middle east, a nuclear holocaust that will wipe out Israel and the muslim countries alike!

What will happen after that nuclear holocaust? Don't think that Israel is wiped out. The Jews of US and the world over will still flock back to Israel and build a new Israel faster than any muslim can rebuild their devastated state of the middle east. Then we go back to square one maybe this time with an even more advanced new state of Israel surrounded by the far far lesser states of muslim countries........

The Palestinians are taking the beating, everyday they are dying.....The best we Malaysians can do is symphatizing, lamenting and....boycotting Israel's goods? What else can we do? All these while....NOTHING! Why? Because we are weak ourselves. The super rich Arab countries are so cowed to use their oil money to make themselves a powerful nation because all they care for is to enrich their princes and kings before the oil runs dry.

Semoga Allah melindungi rakyat Palestin di Gaza dan menghancurkan Israel laknatullah tue... semoga kemenangan berbalik kepada tentera fisabillah!!! Allah Akbar!!!

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