Sunday, December 21, 2008

IJN Privatisation

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Actually kan aku sangat tertarik dengan isu penswastaan IJN yang hendak diserahkan/dibeli oleh Sime Darby. Actually, aku agak kurang bersetuju if in case Sime Darby dibenarkan untuk memperoleh pegangan ekuiti pemilikan di dalam IJN.

IJN milik orang awam... kalau SD dah take over, ianya bukan milik orang awam lagi... ianya akan menjadi milik orang2 kaya yang sepatutnya lebih mampu untuk pergi ke private institution yg lain.

Yer la.. walaupun SD kata ianya part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) tapi ianya tak mustahil akan jadi liability kepada SD sebab terpaksa bear cost pesakit yang nak dapatkan rawatan di IJN.

Sime Darby already owns and runs the most expensive healthcare centre in the country……..the former Subang Jaya Medical Centre.(an expensive place to go to die. They are quite courteous. They give you a running tab to see how long you can keep your relatives alive, and to let you see by when you wish to pull the plug)

Why does SD need to take IJN? Why does a profit based operating company such as SD-SJMC need to take over its “competitor”. To have a monopoly I guess! This would not be allowed in many parts of the world. But in Malaysia………..boleh!

If SD wants a heart centre, why not use its money and build a new one? Why take over IJN? Wouldn't that be better for the country? Let supply exceed demand so that the charges go down........but business and profit minded organisation would want that would they? So the best way to increase profits would be by taking away the competition.

The govt will proceed with it regardless of the objections from the rakyat. Since thats the case, why are other parties not allowed to bid for IJN? Why is it being handed over on a silver platter to Sime Darby? Lets have a competetive bid, but first get some professionals to evaluate what it is worth.

At this rate, better watch out. Its only a matter of time before GH and UH also go in the same direction

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