Monday, August 4, 2008


waachaaa!!!! i'm back.... hari nie kecoh pasal kes CPEO nie.. tensen jer... aiyakkk..... nak tahu apa itu CPEO??? here it is...

CPEO or Customer Premise Equipment Ownership Program started in 2005. Key objective of the program is to encourage customers to own their CPE (Telephone) thus reducing TM’s cost of set maintenance. TM’s customers are given ‘rebate voucher’ with a value of RM50 to redeem Caller ID Phones with Phonebook at TMpoint.

In 2005, the program started with NI customers. Subsequently in June 2007, TSSSB was given permission for the CPEO program to be extended to 1) Customers with Faulty Set issues 2) Customers (RADAS) who are interested to migrate to CPEO ( Caller ID ).

For all of the above, customers are brief on the terms & conditions on migrating to CPEO. Attach is the form (Surat Akuan) where customers need to sign to indicate their acceptance. Frontliners must ensure customers sign on the form & indicate on the form (Name & Service Number) of their subscription to CPEO Program. Status of CPEO will be updated in CASS via S order transaction indicating the following SEF Code

Faulty : CPEF
Radas –CPEO : CPES

Customer status is checked in CASS in order to ensure CPEO Package can be offered before telephone is released to the customer.

Hope this can clearly clarified to all... honestly,aku agak pelik tengok perangai masing2 masa nak tukar set phone.. bila nak minta, senyum manis baek punya.. tapi bila kita tak bagi due to certain limitation(not entitled,set already taken etc), terus nak complaint kat orang2 atas... xfaham betul la...

La nie pun dah jadi isu kat ofis aku. Pagi nie jer, aku dah bercakap dan disoal CEO lah.... GM laah... audit laah... apa laarr.... nak naikkan revenue company pun kena cantas ini macam.,.


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